A well-fitted strapless bra is essential in every woman’s wardrobe. Whether you are wearing a strapless gown, an off-shoulder dress, or a sleeveless top, a strapless bra provides the necessary support while remaining subtle. However, choosing the perfect strapless bra that fits right can be a bit of a daunting task due to its unique design and pattern. 

We will walk you through the basic steps and considerations to ensure you choose a strapless bra that not only fits perfectly but also offers support and comfort for any occasion.

What Is a Strapless Bra?

Before diving further to choose a well-fitting strapless bra, let’s understand the basic components of this undergarment:

Cups: The cups of a strapless bra should fully cover your breasts and provide a natural shape. Your bra may be designed inclusive of an underwire for additional support.

Band: The band of a strapless bra plays a pivotal role in providing support. It should be breathable and comfortable such that it stays in place without slipping down.

Side Boning: Many strapless bras have side boning or additional lining on the sides to prevent the bra from rolling or slipping down.

Silicone or Gripping Material: To keep the bra in place, many strapless bras are made of silicone or gripping material along the band’s inner edges.

Closure: Bra for women – Wacoal offers strapless bras with a secure hook-and-eye closure on the back, offering multiple settings for an adjustable fit.

How To Ensure That You Pick the Right Size of Strapless Bra?

Measure Yourself: Measure around the fullest part of your bust, and band to pick the right bra size. You can check out the Wacoal bra calculator to confirm your bra size.

Try Your Purchases: It is important to try on several strapless bras to determine your correct size within a specific brand or style. Make sure to wear a tight-fitting shirt to assess how the bra sits under clothing.

How To Check the Band’s Fit?

The band of a strapless bra is arguably the most significant yet tricky component. It is responsible for providing the maximum support and hence must fit just like a second skin. Here is how to assess the fit of the band:

Snug But Not Tight: The band should sit securely against your ribcage without making you feel suffocated. The bra should stay in its position without leaving marks on your skin.

Use the Tightest Setting: Fasten the bra on the loosest setting. Over time, as the elastic stretches, you can move to the tighter settings to prolong the bra’s lifespan.

Check for Slippage: Jump a little, raise your arms, or move around to ensure the band doesn’t slip down. If it does, it is not the right size, and you need to switch the size or brand.

Stay Parallel: The band should remain around your body, if it rides up in the back, it is not the right fit.

Assess the Cup Fit

The cups are equally crucial for comfort and support. Here’s what to consider when assessing the cup fit:

No Gaps: There should be no gaps or wrinkles in the cups, if you notice extra fabric or space, prefer a smaller cup size.

No Spillage: Your breasts should fully fit into the cups with no spillage or overflow. If you notice your busts are bulging over the top or sides, try a larger cup size.

Centre Gore: The centre gore (the part of the bra between the cups) should lie flat against your chest, isolating your breasts naturally.

Lifting and Shaping: A well-fitting strapless bra should lift your breasts with a natural, rounded shape. The underwire (if present) should sit at ease against your ribcage.

Check the Band for Stay-Put Features

To ensure your strapless bra stays in place throughout the day or evening, look for these stay-put features:

Silicone Grips: Several strapless bras are designed with silicone grips along the inner band to prevent slipping. These grippy strips provide extra security and keep the bra in place.

Side Boning: This is an additional lining on the sides of the bra that can provide stability and prevent the bra from folding down.

Wide Band: A wider band can offer more support and distribute the weight of your breasts evenly, reducing the likelihood of the bra slipping.

Consider Your Wardrobe Needs

Your preference for a strapless bra should blend with your wardrobe requirements. Think about the type of clothing you wear and whether the bra complements those outfits. For example:

If you plan to wear low-cut necklines, choose a plunge-style strapless bra that won’t peek out from your outfits.

In the case of off-shoulder tops or dresses, opt for a bandeau-style strapless bra that provides a seamless look.

For full coverage and extra support, consider a strapless bra with additional padding and underwire.

Top Bra- Wacoal Strapless Bra Collection

Red Carpet Wired Non-Padded Bra: This is a plus-size and half-cup strapless bra cushioned with a lower bottom band. It is designed with a silicone strip on the bottom and top edges to hold the bra in place. The seamless fabric is an excellent pick for big cups in search of support. 

Halo Lace Wired Non-Padded Bra: This is a half-cup strapless bra for plus-size women. The silicone covering along the neckline keeps it intact while the slits on the top cup are suitable for strap conversions. 

You can visit the Top Bra- Wacoal website to skim through the collection of the latest strapless bras for the season.